Dental theatre & radiography at Hanson’s Vets

The dental equipment used at our practice would look quite at home in your dentist’s surgery. With an ultrasonic dental de-scaler, air powered polisher with high and low speeds and dental drill we can perform all routine dental work. We also have the facility to perform digital dental radiography to fully assess the health of your pet’s teeth.

Ultrasound and ECG

Using the same technology as modern hospitals, our ultrasound machine enables us to look at “cross sections” of soft tissues, which can help to confirm the status of pregnancy especially in dogs.

It also aids in the diagnosis of prostate disease, urinary stones of the bladder and kidney, abdominal tumours and in the evaluation of cardiac cases.

The Practice is equipped with electrocardiogram apparatus allowing us to identify rhythm and heart rate disorders.

Routine bloods and urinalysis

The Practice uses the latest automated biochemistry analyser providing rapid test results and hence treatment for liver, kidney and pancreatic conditions. Also, we can perform pre-anaesthetic blood tests to check for hidden problems especially important in elderly or ill patients.

We are able to screen for Feline Aids and Feline Leukaemia and utilise Allercept testing for skin allergies.

‘Well pet’ tests are becoming more popular in order to monitor subtle changes as animals age and are therefore used to implement early treatment with medicines and special diets.


The Practice uses a digital x-ray machine to provide high quality X-ray pictures.

Our dental X-ray machine takes specialised dental views.