Out Of Hours

The practice offers 24 hour cover, 7 days a week so there is always someone you can contact in an emergency when the surgery is closed. We are open Monday-Friday 9am-7pm and Saturdays between 9am and 12noon. We can be contacted by phone from 8:30am in the week.

We have developed a relationship with Woodcroft A & E vets in Cheadle Hulme.


This is a Tier 3 (A&E) veterinary hospital where the Vets and Nurses work in shifts around the clock to provide continuous care for critically ill patients and emergency cases. The hospital is extremely well equipped and the staff are experienced at dealing with emergency cases. We feel that this ensures the best care and monitoring for patients during these hours and allows our own vets to provide the best care during surgery hours to all our patients. In an emergency you can take your pet directly to the hospital.


Woodcroft Veterinary Hospital

Hercules office park

Bird Hall Lane

Cheadle Heath



Tel: 0161 486 2355


Click here to view out of hours fees (PDF).

Woodcroft Vets A & E

Care of Inpatients

Patients that stay with us are known as inpatients, this is usually just for the day but they may need to be kept in overnight.

Whilst you are separated from your pet, we will do our best to try to make your pet as comfortable as possible throughout their stay with us. To help us treat your pet as an individual, please advise us of your pet’s favourite foods and any special requirements your pet may have.

All inpatients admitted to the surgery will have a record card attached to their kennel. Daily records are kept of temperature, pulse and respiration as well as all treatment to be given including medication times. Water and food intake are monitored and notes are kept to record when patients go to the toilet. All dogs are given the opportunity to go outside if they are able.

If your pet is kept at the surgery after our premises closes at 7:30pm, a veterinary surgeon or nurse will check on your pet between 10pm-12 midnight depending on what is deemed appropriate. We will phone you if necessary on the number provided at admission to report on your pet’s condition. They will not usually be checked on again until the premises reopens at 8:30am as our site is not staffed overnight. In this situation we request that you phone us on 0161 928 8367 between 9-11am the following day to find out if your pet is ready to be discharged and to make arrangements to collect him/her if applicable. In most instances where your pet requires monitoring or treatment overnight, we would advise that your pet is transported to our dedicated out of hours provider in Cheadle. Please click here for details.

We appreciate that you want to be reunited with your pet as soon as possible and our aim is to get your pet back home soon as they are well enough. In the meantime, any pet staying with us and under our care will be treated as one of our own. As well as being nursed, this means that we will offer lots of fuss and cuddles. If your pet is staying with us over a course of days we will be happy for you to visit your pet by arrangement.

Second Opinions and Referrals

We take pride in being able to deliver most of your pet’s veterinary health care requirements at the practice. However there may be certain situations that we would recommend a referral to a veterinary specialist or facility. For instance: –

  1. In complicated cases where a diagnosis has not been reached despite our best efforts
  2. Where specialist equipment or knowledge is required for the diagnosis or treatment of a condition,
  3. If you wish to be referred for a second opinion at any time and make this known to the vet treating your pet.

In these circumstances we may either arrange for a visiting specialist to attend the practice to examine or treat your pet or we may recommend that you travel to a suitable veterinary hospital for further treatment. After such a treatment, your pet would then be referred back to our practice for ongoing care. The referral hospital will keep us updated to any follow up treatment or investigation required.